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Why is the GVWR an Important Number For Your Pickup, SUV and Crossover?

Posted at Tue, Jan 3, 2017 11:15 AM

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and it’s an important number that every driver of a pickup truck, SUV or crossover needs to be aware of to have a safe driving experience while carrying passengers and/or cargo.

The GVWR is located on a label that’s found on the inside of the driver’s door jamb. It tells you how much weight the vehicle can safely carry. This number is the total three things: the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the passengers, their belongings and any other cargo you’re carrying, as well as the tongue weight of the trailer.

Overloading your vehicle can not only cause damage to your vehicle, it can create unsafe driving conditions. For example, you could experience difficulty controlling the vehicle due to strain on the suspension. You could find it difficult to brake. In addition, an overloaded vehicle is much more likely to have a tire blowout due to an increase in tire temperature. Overheating can also damage the transmission and other driveline components.

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