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Why Running On Empty Can Shorten the Life of Your Fuel Pump

Posted at Wed, May 24, 2017 12:30 PM

At Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales in Epsom, NH, we want to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our Service department is here to service your vehicle. We recommend following a regular maintenance schedule. In addition, there are some easy things you can do to avoid costly automotive repairs. Today’s tip from #Tim’sTruckCapital helps prolong the life of your fuel pump. It’s easy - avoid running your vehicle on empty! Instead, make sure to fill-up when you get to the one-quarter mark.

Here’s Why
Running on empty can actually have negative consequences for your vehicle. For starters, it causes extra wear on your fuel pump. That’s because when your tank is nearly empty, more air can enter the fuel pump, exposing it to premature wear. In addition, when the fuel level is below one-quarter full, the dirt that settles at the bottom of your vehicle’s tank has more opportunity to make its way to the fuel line then through the engine. You’ll save money in the long run by not running on empty!

Avoid Being Stranded

Another reason to keep your gas tank filled is that extreme weather conditions can present potentially life-threatening situations. Why take the chance of running out of gas in the hot desert or late at night out in the country without cell phone service? Always make sure you have more than enough fuel to take you from Point A to Point B. Be safe and don’t let the gas gauge fall below one-quarter of a tank.

Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales Has An Outstanding Service Department
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