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Why Summer Tires are Better than All-Season Tires?

Posted at Mon, May 2, 2016 9:15 AM

There is confusion about what kind of tires are better for summer- all season tires or summer tires. To say the truth, there is no single answer. It will depend on your personal preferences, budget, driving conditions (weather) and the vehicle. It is a good idea to know the benefits and limitations of each type of tire before you go out and buy one.

When to choose all season tires?

If you are looking for acceptable performance in all types of weather, then go for all season tires. All season tires have moderate treads. The rubber compound in an all season tire is engineered for long tread life compared to summer tires that have relatively shallow treads.

Where all season tires fall short is grip. If you continue with all season tires, you will have to sacrifice braking, cornering and steering.

When to choose summer tires?

If you have a high performance vehicle that is fast and agile, you are better off with summer tires. These tires are more responsive, have more braking and cornering capabilities. This improved performance can be attributed to the special tread pattern.

In a summer tire, more rubber touches the road seeing how they are designed to maximize road grip. At the same time, they have fewer grooves than all season tires which have them to cope with cold weather.

We understand this is a difficult decision. Everyone wants their used truck's tires to last long. But at the same time, no one wants to sacrifice performance. If you are in this predicament, let Tim's Truck Capital help you.




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