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Why You Need to Use Winter Tires?

Posted at Fri, May 6, 2016 9:15 AM

Recently, the Norwegian authorities decreed all trucks and motor vehicles that weigh 3500 kg or more should wear winter tires. They wouldn't have made this official declaration without substantial reasons.

Winter tires are essential for motor vehicles during the season in many parts of the world, but are winter tires really necessary? Why do you need to put winter tires on your truck?

Many people assume that all-season tires are enough if you drive all year round. But that applies only in temperate climates. If you live in an area where it snows, you should get winter tires for your used truck or other vehicle. And there is good reason too.

During winter, the road freezes up and there is a high risk of your vehicle skidding or toppling over. On the opposite end, winter tires can dramatically increase your safety on the road. Winter tires work by increasing the tire's traction on the road.

Winter tires are equipped with improved tread patterns compared to the average tire. There is another reason why they are different. They use 'softer' rubber compounds to enhance the tire's grip on the road. Winter tires work best in icy and snowed out conditions but they are also useful in cold weather.

Braking performance is another reason why many people switch to winter tires in cold weather. According to a test, winter tires can improve braking performance by up to 35% in cold weather, compared to normal tires.

We understand that winter tires are expensive and that is why many people don't want to switch to winter tires. By using normal tires, you are putting yourself at an enhanced risk for accidents.

God forbid, you get into an accident; you will end up losing more money than you would have spent on winter tires. Tim's Truck Capital recommends you to change your used truck's tires to winter tires come winter. To buy used trucks, contact Tim's Truck Capital today.




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