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You Need Torque or Horsepower for Towing?

Posted at Fri, May 20, 2016 9:00 AM

There has always been a debate on which of the two is more important for a powerful vehicle – Torque or Horsepower? The answer is- both are important but have different functions. But for the specific work of towing, torque is more important.

To put it simply, Torque lets you work but Horsepower makes the work go fast. You know that heavy-duty vehicles and giant trucks run on diesel. It is because of the greater torque generated by diesel engines. The piston moves relatively farther (than in gas engines) resulting in longer strokes and consequently, a greater torque. If you compare a diesel engine with a gasoline one of slightly higher horsepower (but lesser torque), you will see a huge difference in their towing performances. Although they might be able to heft the same load, the diesel engine will not have to take any strain at all.There is no need to rev up the engine; the high torque will complete the task at a significantly low rpm (revolutions per minute). Also, the diesel fuel has higher energy content than gasoline. This means that you will get a better mileage with diesel engines – they can tow for a longer period of time without stopping to refuel.

To sum up, torque plays a greater role in towing than horsepower. This is because of the ‘low-end rpm’ generated by the higher levels of torque, which allows the engine to easily carry heavy loads. A high torque vehicle will be able to tow trailers or other objects with an extremely low value of rpm. Tires, suspensions, wheels, and gears also play an important role in towing.

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