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Chevy Cruze

2016 Chevy Cruze

Compact cars allow you the everyday comfort, capability, and dependability you need for your commute and all of your daily activities. These vehicles can be a fuel-efficient option for driving to work and running errands, so a vehicle like the Chevy Cruze could be a great addition to your life.

The Chevy Cruze was developed to be a reliable and competent small car. This vehicle started being sold in North American for the 2011 model year. This vehicle has always been a quality car, and it is a great option for those that have a smaller budget. You can learn more about all that the Cruze has to offer you below when we take a closer look at this model.

Below, we will take a look at the performance, exterior, interior, technology, and safety of the Chevy Cruze. We will also give you some details for some specific model years so that you can learn more about which used Chevy Cruze may be right for you.

Performance and Engine Options

The Cruze was designed to offer you great every day performance. This vehicle is powerful enough to take on your life, but it also offers you good fuel efficiency for an everyday commute. Check out some of the different engine options that can be found in the Chevy Cruze below so that you can learn more about the performance this vehicle offers you.

The Chevy Cruze first entered onto the compact car scene in America in 2011. When it came out, it had two different four-cylinder engines available to you. The first was a 1.8-liter four-cylinder and the second was a turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder. The exact gas mileage for this depends on the year, but you can expect to get around 26 city miles per gallon and 36 highway miles per gallon throughout the first couple of years with the Cruze.

In 2014, the Cruze added a diesel engine option to its lineup. This engine was a 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine that produced 151-horsepower. For fuel efficiency with the diesel engine, you can expect more like 27 city and 44 highway miles per gallon.

The second-generation of the Cruze arrived in 2016 with a completely redesigned vehicle. This model is home to a 1.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that produces 153-horsepower, and gives you about 30 city and 40 highway miles per gallon.

Another diesel engine option became available for the 2017 Cruze model. This engine is a 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine. It can give you up to 37 city miles per gallon and 52 highway miles per gallon when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Over the years, there have been a few different Chevy Cruze engine options. Each one of these engines gives you the power you need for your daily driving. The biggest difference comes in with fuel efficiency, so if you are looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to reach out.


The exterior of the Chevy Cruze is stylish and functional. This vehicle looks like a sporty small car. It has great design elements that make it look good and function well for you. This vehicle has innovative lighting, aerodynamic sculpting, and more.

In 2017, the hatchback style became available for the Chevy Cruze. The Chevy Cruze Hatch offers a different exterior look, but it also gives you more cargo space and easier access to cargo space. The exact exterior style and design for this vehicle will depend on the model year, but overall, the Chevy Cruze has a great exterior style.


On the inside of the Chevy Cruze, you can find seating for up to five people. This vehicle has standard cloth upholstery, but it also has available options like leatherette upholstery, leather seats, heated seats, and more. The interior of this vehicle also feels comfortable with plenty of head and legroom for its passengers.

When it comes to cargo space, the exact numbers will depend on your specific model. With the Cruze sedan, you can expect to get a trunk space that is around 14 or 15 cubic feet. In the hatchback version, you an get up to 22 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 47 cubic feet with those rear seats folded down.


Technology innovations have improved our driving and riding experience over the last several years. There are a lot of great connective technologies and safety technologies that are now integrated into our cars and trucks. However, if you are looking at purchasing a used vehicle, you will want to consider the model year so that you know which different technologies will be available to you. For example, the original 2011 Cruze was available with technology like Bluetooth, but this vehicle did not get the Wi-Fi hotspot capability until 2015.

When looking at used Cruzes be sure you know what technology you want for your vehicle so that you can get a vehicle that is new enough to have that technology. Learn more about when certain technology features were added to this vehicle below.

  • The 2011 Chevy Cruze has technology features like Bluetooth so that you have the ability to talk on your phone hands-free. In 2011, you also have access to OnStar connectivity for driver assistance and more.
  • A rearview camera was added to the Chevy Cruze for the 2013 model, which can help you stay safer when you are driving.
  • In 2015, the Cruze made Siri Eyes free and a Wi-Fi hotspot available for added technology in your vehicle. This gives you more connectivity to your iPhone as well as the ability to connect to the internet even when you are on the go.
  • There is also a Chevy MyLink infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen available in the 2015 Chevy Cruze model, which can give you access to different apps and technology.
  • In the 2016 Chevy Cruze, you get features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to connect to your smartphone and its apps hands-free.

Which technology features are most important to you? Let us know, and we can help you find a Chevy Cruze model that has what you need! In the meantime, learn more about the safety features and safety technology that is available on the Chevy Cruze below.


Finally, let’s take a look at safety for the Chevy Cruze. This vehicle was built with safety in mind, and it offers you a lot of great safety technology features. Learn more about these here.

The Chevy Cruze was designed to be safer for you with the way it was built. For 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the Chevy Cruze a 5-star rating in overall, front, and side impact crash safety, and 4 out of 5 stars in rollover safety. In 2017, the NHTSA gave the Cruze 5-stars on front crash tests and 4 stars for the rollover crash tests. This goes to show that the Cruze has remained relatively consistent in terms of safety, and this vehicle has been pretty highly rated.

Another factor to consider with safety is the safety features and technology that the Cruze offers you. Like the technology features discussed above, safety features for the Cruze came onto this vehicle at different years, so if you are looking for specific safety technology, you will want to keep that in mind.

  • In 2013, a rearview camera and blind spot monitoring became available for the Chevy Cruze.
  • In 2015, this vehicle adds safety features like rear cross traffic alert and rear parking sensors.
  • In 2016, the Cruze adds safety features like side blind zone alert, forward collision warning, and lane keep assist.
  • In 2017, the Cruze adds the Teen Driver safety system that can help monitor and track the driving performance of your young drivers.

That means if you are specifically looking for the Teen Driver feature to keep your teen safe, you want to look at a 2017 Cruze or newer. However, if you are simply looking for a Cruze that is well-built and has a few extra safety features the 2015 and 2016 model years could be great options.

The Chevy Cruze is a great compact car option. This vehicle offers you the performance you need for your everyday life as well as some great technology and safety features. If you have any questions about what the Chevy Cruze offers you, you can reach out to us at Tim’s Truck Capital.

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