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The Ford F-150 vs Chevy Colorado

The Ford F-150 vs Chevy Colorado

There’s always the struggle of purchasing from the different brands of cars. Do you want a Ford, A Chevy, A Toyota? Every brand puts out a new car every year, and then it’s up to consumers. Whenever it comes to picking brands, some stick with a brand for loyalty, others buy based on price, and still more people focus on features and what the car can do for them.

If you are just getting into the car wars, then trying to figure out what type of car you want can seem impossible. But whenever you break a car down and compare it to another car of the same type, then it becomes a lot easier to figure things out. That’s what this article plans to do to the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Colorado.

The Size

If you put both cars together for a first glance, you will notice the size of the truck first and foremost. The Ford F-150 is a full truck and is taller and wider than the Chevy which is a compact pickup. Right away you might be able to pick which truck you want because of the size alone.

Do you need something big and tough to carry your items around and drive you from jobsite to jobsite, or do you need a smaller truck that can drive on regular roads and can fit in your garage?

Also, make sure to think about parking spaces? Do you live in an area where people have lots of wide open spaces to move around and park a very large truck like the Ford? Or do you need a slimmer car for slimmer parking spots.

Size is important for most trucks, so make sure you have an idea of the size that is not only practical, but also one that suits your needs. If you haven’t made your decision already, then keep on reading.

Fuel Economy

Of course, another thing you need to worry about is the fuel economy. No one wants to sink a lot of money into getting fuel for a truck and then not get the gas mileage they deserve. Even though the Ford F-150 is a lot bigger than the Chevy, it gets the same gas mileage as the other car. Admittedly we aren’t 100% sure on how they did it, but it works!

You can get about 20 miles on a city road and 26 miles on a highway for both cars, so there’s a check in the Ford’s box.

The Handling

Both cars are pretty much the same on fuel economy, but which one handles better? Well, as you would expect, the Ford F-150 is a juggernaut and is completely an epic car to drive in terms of pure strength and power. However, all that size and bulk is great for hauling stuff around, but it isn’t the greatest when you need to make tight turns on city roads.

The Colorado is much slimmer than the Ford F-150, so it will be able to have a smaller turn radius and will be able to weave in and out of traffic without having to worry about being too big to fit. If you need to be in, or live in an area where traffic is tight, then you might need the Colorado.

The Cargo Room

With a bigger truck comes more space, and far more options. You can get the regular cab, the SuperCab, and the SuperCrew for your cab configurations, and they can seat different amounts of people. The regular cab can seat three people, while the SuperCab seats six on two rows and has rear doors that open backwards. The Supercrew has standard doors that open the same way the other doors do.

The Colorado has options for seating as well, but they can only seat a max of five people, and there are only two bed sizes. However, if you are only ferrying around a limited number of people and don’t need all that extra space you might find that a smaller cab works for you.

Consider how many people you are carrying around in the truck, especially because you don’t need to have a ton of cargo space if it isn’t needed.

The Amenities

The amenities inside both cars are actually pretty standard. Both cars come with air conditioning, radios, power windows and door locks, and Bluetooth connectivity. The only differences the Ford F-150 has are leather seats and passenger power seats. The entertainment systems for both cars are standard, so there’s not much difference if you don’t care too much for entertainment.

Plus, if you are using the truck for a work vehicle, then you probably aren’t needing massive amounts of entertainment anyway. Just air conditioning when it is hot and some tunes on the radio are often all that you need!

Which One To Get?

You might notice that we haven’t talked much about price, and there’s a good reason for that. Whenever it comes to buying a car, price is the last thing you should look at. Too many people find themselves buying a car that doesn’t work for them because the price was right or it was on sale.

Instead, take a look at what you really need out of a truck. Do you want something that is powerful and massive, small and agile, or somewhere in between? Once you get a feel for what one type of vehicle offers you over another, you’ll find that the price isn’t as big of a barrier anymore.

So take the time to go through what each vehicle offers you. This article can’t tell you which one is better or worse, all we can do is lay out the facts. You’ll discover which vehicle works for you and then will make that purchase on your own. Plus, unlike before, you’ll be full of a lot of confidence when it comes to signing for and using your new truck! Who doesn’t like that?

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