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Ford Super Duty F-250 Trims and Packages

Ford Super Duty F-250 Trims and Packages

The Ford Super Duty F-250 is a powerhouse of a truck that is as stylish as it is powerful. The truck can handle just about any terrain and can carry just about any load you want to haul. Ford also has a reputation for dependability and longevity, so you know that when you buy a Super Duty F-250, you will enjoy the same benefits for many years to come. Therefore, you can confidently shop for used models of the Super Duty F-250, knowing that you will still get years of life from your truck.

Ford offers you a lot of options for the Super Duty F-250. Depending on which model year you are considering, you may have your pick of five or six trim levels. In addition, options packages were offered. You have the opportunity to get the perfect configuration while also saving a lot of money when you shop for used trucks.

Here are a few of the features you might find on the different trim levels in recent years:


The term “XL” typically connotes a step up – extra. But the XL has been the base model on the Ford Super Duty F-250 for many years, and it’s an appropriate choice. The F-250 does offer more than what most trucks do. Right out of the gate, you’re going to get a large, V8 engine that gives you plenty of horsepower and torque to power through any terrain or to pull just about any load. You’ll find yourself roaring past other trucks with ease.

As with most other heavy duty trucks, you won’t get a ton of luxury features with the F-250. However, the truck dose offer a primary touchscreen monitor for the infotainment system, fully automatic headlights, light-tinted windows, variable intermittent wipers, and more. Safety features include a rearview mirror, rear cross traffic alert, and tire pressure monitoring.


The XLT is a step up, so it adds on a few features. You still get the same great, powerful powertrain, and you get over a dozen exterior paint options. At this level, you start to get some more luxury features, like remote keyless entry, one-touch power windows, and emergency assistance. Entertainment upgrades include things like speed-sensitive volume, a radio data system, voice activated radio, and smart phone integration.


Typically, the Lariat trim has been where you get the real luxury feel in the Ford Super Duty F-250. Here’s where you typically get leather seats or seat trim, auto-locking doors, ports for charging and streaming phones and other devices, automatic temperature control, and voice activated air conditioning. Entertainment features on this trim level typically get an upgrade also, including things like satellite radio, Internet access, and wireless phone connectivity. This trim level typically sees a jump to a premium audio system and additional speakers.

Here, you’ll usually get the option to upgrade your engine, as well. A larger and more powerful engine option is usually available at this trim level and higher.

King Ranch

As the name suggests, you’ll feel like the king of the ranch in this trim level. You’ll get a huge, powerful truck with luxury features that befit a king. Imagine driving this truck over your vast property while you survey your cattle or other herds.

Chrome accents lend a touch of sophistication to the interior cabin. Convenience features added at this level usually include more points of articulation in the seat adjustments, additional power-activated features in the cabin, and more storage throughout. You also get small tweaks in the exterior styling, such as black door handles and chrome accents.


With the Platinum trim level, you can expect a refinement of the features offered, moving more toward luxury. Leather upholstery is standard on this trim level, as are a leather-wrapped steering wheel and carpeted floor mats. The seats are heated, and you get convenience features like a 4G LTE wi-fi hotspot, a real-time weather display, a premium sound system and amplifier, memory seat settings, and a navigation system.


The Limited is usually the highest trim level on the Ford Super Duty F-250, and it offers the best of all the available features. You will get all the features that were previously listed as options, like voice activated navigation, lane keep assist, and premium tires.

Options Packages

On each trim level of the Ford Super Duty F-250, options packages were offered. When you are buying previously owned vehicles, you won’t be able to add on these packages. However, you may find trucks that already have these packages. That means that even if you find a lower trim level, you might get some of the features offered on the higher trim level because an options package was added.

Some packages offered on the F-250 focus on appearance, such as adding a chrome grill and bumper. Other packages focus on features, such as providing more entertainment options, and others focused on performance and mechanics, such as offering bigger tires.

When you look at previously owned Ford Super Duty F-250s, make sure you compare the features that are offered to the manufacturer features so you know what you are getting extra. You can get much more value for your money compared to if you had purchased new and added the package yourself. You’ll spend less but get more.

Choosing the Right F-250 for You

Shopping for a previously owned Ford Super Duty F-250 gives you so many more choices than shopping for new models. At Tim’s Truck Capital, you can find a wide selection of previously owned trucks at great prices, including recent models of the Ford Super Duty F-250 in different trim levels. You can find the best of the best in features at a price that fits your budget. Visit us today to have a friendly and knowledgeable sales associate help you find the perfect Ford Super Duty F-250 to meet your needs. We’ll also explore financing options with you to ensure that your perfect truck fits comfortably into your budget. Visit us today to find your perfect truck!

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