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GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra has been a consistent performer in the full-size truck market for many years. It’s a great-looking truck that offers reliable performance and the strength you need for towing or hauling. Plus, it has flexible features so that you can get the seating arrangement, sizing, and bells and whistles that you want.

By shopping for a pre-owned GMC Sierra, you open up the options you have significantly. You aren’t limited to what’s being offered in the current model year, and you can find trucks that are more in line with your budget. You may even be able to find pre-owned models that are packed with more features than you would be able to afford if you were shopping new.

Historical Highlights

The Sierra has a long history, going back to 1988, when the name was first attached to the previous C/K model, which was produced by both Chevrolet and GMC. Chevrolet produced the C/K as a full-size pickup line starting in 1959. It stopped producing the truck in 1982, but then picked it back up in 1989, when GMC started producing the Sierra as a virtual twin to the C/K.

In the beginning, the Sierra was just the name of a trim level. The GMT 800 Sierra was introduced as its own model in 1999. Light-duty C/K models continue to be made alongside those GMT 800 models, as well as a GMT 400 heavy-duty pickup. That heavy-duty version was phased out in 2000 and replaced with a GMT 800 Sierra HD in 2001.

The Sierra received a redesign and was released as the GMT 900 Sierra in 2007. The new model had a whole new interior and exterior design, as well as an upgraded suspension system and a more powerful engine. Many of the design changes focused on making the truck more aerodynamic, which improves performance and fuel-efficiency. The GMT 800 model was continued as a “classic” model.

The new Sierra models carried over some features from the classic truck, such as the four-speed transmission. Otherwise, many new features were added to the truck in recent years, including a luxury-inspired dashboard, a revised bumper, a shortened front fascia, a six-speed automatic transmission, and more.


The GMC Sierra has always been an attractive pickup. You can do more than haul heavy loads with this truck – you can also use it as your daily drive vehicle. It’s attractive enough that you’ll feel good in it no matter where you have to go.

Traditionally, the GMC Sierra has had a larger performance based front end, even if the truck had a shorter cab or a smaller body. The thicker front end gives the truck a sense of power and heft, which gives it a more substantial feel. There are enough details on the Sierra so that it doesn’t feel like it’s just a worker truck. Depending on the year and the trim, you might find details like a mesh grille, black bars running across the front fascia, contrasting mirror colors, flashier wheels, or even large fog lights or unique lighting designs.

The Sierra isn’t what most would call to mind when thinking about a luxury truck, but it has attractive styling that separates it from the rest of the full-size pickup pack. This isn’t just a worker horse. It can also be a prize pony.


In keeping with what you see on the outside, the interior of the GMC Sierra isn’t loaded with a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s not as utilitarian as what you’ll find in some other trucks, either. You won’t find a lot of glitz in the form of chrome accents or wood trim. Most interiors have plastic or vinyl trimmings to make it easier to keep the truck clean when you’re in the thick of it every day. The dashboard and the control are designed with a bit of style and function in mind. Everything is attractively organized, and there are just enough details to keep things interesting.

You’ll get mostly manual controls in the Sierra unless you find a used model with a higher trim or an options package. You’ll get better infotainment options than you’ll find in some other trucks, especially when you’re comparing older models.


The GMC Sierra has consistently received top marks for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It performs well in crash tests thanks to its solid construction and its safety features, which include numerous air bags. Depending on your model year, you may get extra safety features such as stability and sway control, a rearview camera, and even parking sensors.

Performance and Capacity

A top reason that many people look to buy a GMC Sierra is that it is known as a powerful truck that offers reliable performance and a great towing capacity. The base model for most used GMC Sierras has plenty of power on its own, but many model years came with a V8 engine option for those who wanted a bit more power.

As a full-size truck, the GMC Sierra also gives you the ability to tow most loads. You can search for a model with an extended cab to hold more there, or you can attach a trailer to haul what you need. Heavy duty models will tow more, of course, as will those with more powerful engines. Some models could also be outfitted with special towing packages, which you may find already equipped on a used model.

You have a lot of great options when you decide to shop for a used GMC Sierra, and Tim’s Truck Capital has a wide selection of GMC Sierras to help you find the right model for your budget. Explore our inventory online, or visit us in person. We encourage you to take a test drive to learn what makes the GMC Sierra so great. Then talk to one of our financing specialists about how to make the GMC Sierra fit your monthly budget.

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