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GMC Sierra 1500 vs GMC Sierra 2500

GMC Sierra 1500 vs GMC Sierra 2500

Whenever you are looking to buy a GMC Sierra, you might be a bit confused about the numbers attached to the car. Is a GMC Sierra 1500 better than a GMC Sierra 2500? What does the difference of 1000 mean? If we dig a little deeper, we’ll find that one isn’t better than the other, but both are made for different things.

First, the GMC Sierra 2500 is a redesigned version of the 1500 model. It has been overhauled for better control on the roads and better performance, while the 1500 can always deliver reliable power and support. Both trucks are designed to exist on the rugged roads and help you do the toughest jobs, and it’s almost folly to compare them.

Under The Hood

The 1500 comes with a 2.7 Liter Turbo engine, 310 horsepower, and a payload capability of 2,182 pounds. Additionally, it can tow up to 6,900 lbs. It holds up pretty well, but the 2500 comes with some advancements.

It comes with a 6.6L V8 engine, 401 horsepower, and a towing capability of 14,500 pounds. It can also carry 3,751 pounds of payload. That’s a lot more in every single category, although you do need to keep in mind that you might not need all that extra space. If you aren’t towing weights stronger than 10,000 pounds, the GMC Sierra 1500 is probably going to be enough for you.


No matter what you are using the trucks for, you need to make sure that safety is the number one priority. Thankfully, both the GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500 take safety very seriously. The 1500 comes with an HD rear vision camera, six airbags, and is able to use OnStar and GMC Connected Services.

The 2500 model has many of the same features, and it also has lane change alerts, a monitor system for your tire pressure, and front and rear park assist. Both of the vehicles put your safety first, but the 2,500 model comes with a few more safety features.


Of course, both cars are designed to take advantage of the technology on the road today. The 1500 offers a 8 inch driver information center, comes with 4G LTE and Wi-fi, and cruise control. If you just need those basic forms of technology, you will be fine.

The 2500 model comes with all of these things, plus Bluetooth capability, a EZ lift tailgate, and remote keyless entry. If you find yourself needing these things on the job site, then you can spring for the 2500 model. Who doesn’t like listening to music with a bluetooth device? It will certainly change the way you work on the job site!


Both brands of GMC Sierra are designed to make you feel comfortable as you drive around the worksite. The 1500 model comes with a leather wrapped steering wheel, several USB ports for charging your devices, and Siriusxm Satellite radio. There’s also dual zone automatic climate control and an auto dimming rearview mirror.

The 2500 model comes with assist handles, a rearview mirror that manually switches between day and night, power door locks, and single zone climate control. No matter where you are, you’ll have several options for your comfort in either one of these models.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting to the jobsite early or burning the midnight oil, you’ll be excited to hop in your truck and keep on going.

An Overview of Each Vehicle

The GMC Sierra 1500 is your standard pickup truck with a few extra twists and turns. It gives you extra head and leg room, while also giving you more cargo bed room than its competitors. If you are looking for a truck that will carry the heaviest loads both comfortably and without complaint, then the 1500 model is right for you.

Additionally, the 1500 comes with a GMC Multipro Tailgate, which you can modify into one of six distinct layouts to make loading and unloading cargo a snap. The cargo box can perfectly mold itself to meet your needs, and that’s one of the biggest pros for this model.

The 2500 pushes all the envelopes when it comes to sheer raw power. It comes with four wheel drive, mud terrain tires, and twin rancho shocks. It will be able to perfectly move from being on road to being off road, and you won’t feel any dips or loss in performance. It also has its massive towing capacity to speak for it, which is one of the best in the business.

You can also have 15 trailering camera views, which makes sure that you have a perfect gaze on your cargo at all times.

Which One Do You Need?

Aside from looking at obvious limiting factors such as size and budget, you might still be confused about which vehicle you need for your job. First and foremost, look at what you are pulling/carrying and where you are moving it. Are you taking huge loads of cargo that weigh more than 10,000 pounds? Are you frequently going off road? Do you need a big truck that screams power? A GMC Sierra 2500 is what would work the best for you.

If you are looking for a smaller truck to handle more everyday loads and roads, and you want more finesse than power, the 1500 is the perfect truck for your needs. It might not be as powerful, but if you don’t need all that power, why spend more to get it?

Our Team Is Happy To Help

No matter what, our team is very happy to help you out with finding the perfect GMC Sierra model for you. Come to the dealership and we will be able to answer any questions that you need answered, while also making sure that you pick the best truck for you. Our team can even have you take a test drive, so you can be absolutely sure the vehicle feels right.

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