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GMC Sierra 3500

GMC Sierra 3500

A heavy-duty truck can help you get the toughest jobs done. This type of vehicle offers you amazing payload and towing capacity for heavy-duty work, as well as play. Buying a brand new GMC Sierra 3500 can be quite an investment, so we are going to tell you a little bit about the Used GMC Sierra 3500. Learn more about this vehicle below, and reach out to us at Tim’s Truck Capital to learn more about our selection.

Performance and Engine Options

When you buy a truck, especially a heavy-duty truck, you are looking for it to give you the performance you want. A heavy-duty truck like the GMC Sierra 3500 will be able to perform better for you with a high towing capacity and payload capacity. You will also get some great performance features when you choose a truck like this. Learn more about all of this below, and learn about what engines you could find in your Used GMC Sierra 3500.

  • Engine Options – Depending on the exact model of the GMC Sierra 3500 that you choose, you might have one of a couple of different engine options. The main engine options of the last few years are a 6.0-liter V8 gasoline engine and a Duramax 6.6-liter V8 turbo-diesel engine option. With the gasoline V8 engine, you can expect horsepower and torque in the 300 and 400 range. The turbo-diesel engine is going to offer you more torque, which could be somewhere in the 700 to 900 pound-feet range. The diesel engine is also likely to offer you around 400-horsepower, but the exact numbers depend on your model.
  • Towing and Payload – Next, let’s take a look at how these engines help you perform overall. When you choose a heavy-duty truck like the GMC Sierra 3500, you are looking for a truck that can tow and haul a lot. If you are looking to tow things like boats, RVs, heavy equipment, and more, you want a heavy-duty truck with a high towing capacity. With a Used Sierra 3500, your towing capacity will depend on exactly how this vehicle is equipped, but you can expect a range of 17,000 to 23,000 pounds. Next, let’s look at payload capacity. The payload is how much your truck can carry in its bed. Whether you are hauling work supplies, firewood, gravel, dirt, or something else, you want to be sure you have the payload capacity to do it. The payload capacity for a Used GMC Sierra 3500 will be somewhere in the range of around 3,000 to 6,100 pounds.
  • Performance Features – Above, we discussed the engine options and towing capacity associated with the GMC Sierra 3500. This truck has other performance features going for it, as well. With this truck, you have features like Hill Start Assist and electronic stability control that help your vehicle perform better when you are towing heavy loads. Hill Start Assist helps you by holding the brakes for a second as you move from the brakes to the accelerator so that you don’t roll back when you are climbing a hill. Your Sierra 3500 also might have features like a Rear Vision Camera that can help you when you are backing up or hooking up a trailer. Other performance features you might find with the GMC 3500 include a trailering camera system or a gooseneck/fifth-wheel package. These can help make towing those extra heavy loads easier.

Now that we have discussed the performance of this vehicle, we can take a look at some of the other features and capabilities. Learn more about the GMC Sierra 3500 below, and reach out to us at Tim’s Truck Capital if you have any questions.


GMC Sierra 3500The exterior of the GMC Sierra was built to look strong and tough. This vehicle is made with high-strength steel, and it has features like LED signature front lighting, available trailering mirrors, and more. The exact looks of your exterior depend on the type of cab you get and the length of your truck bed. With the GMC Sierra 3500, you will have a few different options, which we will discuss below.

  • Cab Options – With the Used Sierra 3500, you may find truck options with different cabs. You could find a truck with a regular cab, double cab, or crew cab option. The regular cab has seating for just two on the inside. The double cab has seating for three people, and the crew cab has seating for five people.
  • Bed Length – There are also two different bed lengths that can be found on the Sierra 3500. The standard bed is 6 feet 9 inches long, and the long bed is 8 feet long.

The exterior of this truck has a lot to offer you, but there are also some great features on the inside of the GMC Sierra.


GMC Sierra 3500On the inside of the Sierra 3500, you can find comfort as well as capability. The exact features you find in this vehicle depend on the model, but you may find features like leather seats, heated seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a heated steering wheel, a soft-touch instrument panel, under-seat storage, and a large center console for additional storage. If you have any questions about what a specific Sierra 3500 model offers for interior features, reach out to us at Tim’s Truck.


You can also find some great technology features on the inside of your GMC Sierra 3500. Whether it is Bluetooth connectivity or a premium sound system, there are a lot of great technology features awaiting you. Learn more below.

The exact technology features that are found on your Used GMC Sierra 3500 will depend on the specific model, but there are a lot of great technologies like those listed below.

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – These technologies help you get access to your smartphone through your vehicle. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, you can get access to phone contacts, your music, and apps from your phone.
  • myGMC Mobile App – GMC also has a mobile app that you can add to your smartphone. This app works with your vehicle to allow you to check your vehicle status, schedule service for your vehicle, and more.
  • Wireless Device Charging Pad – Forgot a phone charger? That’s not a problem if you have the wireless device charging pad in your GMC Sierra 3500.
  • Infotainment System with Navigation – Your Sierra 3500 also may have an infotainment system that gives you access to apps, navigation, and your smartphone. This is a great way to stay connected even when you are on the road.
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi – Available Wi-Fi in your GMC Sierra 3500 can make this heavy-duty truck into a mobile office or entertainment center. You can stay connected to the internet to keep up to date on work assignments or to keep passengers entertained on the drive.

You may be able to find any of those technology features on your GMC Sierra 3500, but that is not the only technology you can find. Your truck may also be home to some great safety technology like the stuff discussed below.


You can stay safe in your Sierra 3500 with great features like airbag protection, an excellent warranty, and OnStar safety features. The GMC Sierra 3500 also has some available safety technologies. The exact features offered will depend on the specific model, but there are a lot of great features available that can help keep you safer. Some of these features include parking assist, a safety alert seat, forward collision alert, and more. Check out some of these features in greater detail below.

  • Forward Collision Alert – This safety feature can help you avoid or lessen the impact of a frontal collision. The forward collision alert feature alerts the driver if a front-end collision is imminent. This feature can also alert you if you are getting too close to another vehicle.
  • Lane Departure Warning – The lane departure warning system helps drivers avoid unintentional lane drift. This feature will alert drivers if they are leaving their lane without using a turn signal.
  • Front and Rear Park Assist – When you are driving at low speeds, this safety feature can help alert you to your surroundings. Front and rear park assist help you avoid nearby objects in the front or in the rear, so it is perfect for helping you park in tight spaces.

The Sierra 3500 was built to be safer for you. This truck has a lot of great safety features, technology features, capability, and more. If you want to check out a GMC Sierra 3500 truck for yourself, you can stop by and see us.

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