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Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler is the classic Jeep vehicle. It’s the model that people think of when they think of the storied history of the brand. It has that iconic Jeep look, and it offers the adventurous ride and rugged performance for which Jeep is known. Though some people like the way Jeep has smoothed out its style and become a bit more sophisticated, many prefer that classic look. By shopping for a used Jeep Wrangler, you can get the style you want and still enjoy dependable performance.

The Wrangler doesn’t really age. It has maintained a consistent style over the years. So, even if you buy a used Jeep Wrangler, it can look like you are driving a newer model. You’ll save a lot of money and get all the great features for which the Jeep Wrangler is known.

Highlights from History

The Wrangler name wasn’t used until 1987. However, the Wrangler has basically been the model that Jeep has been producing since World War II. The first “Jeep” was the Willys-Overland CJ, and it was officially known as the MB, but it had the nickname of “Jeep.” It wasn’t known officially as a Jeep until 1954, when Kaiser Motors bought the model and changed the name.

You can look at that original vehicle and see the early Wrangler. Iconic features like the seven-slot grille and the round headlights were there right from the beginning. Other slight changes were made over the years, building toward the official production of the Jeep Wrangler in 1987. The first Wrangler was designed specifically with off-roading in mind, so it had modifications like a larger windshield, a lower ride height, a wider track, and reduced body roll.

Over the years, the Wrangler has undergone changes like small style changes, the addition of convenience features, and performance enhancements, but it has continuously offered the same styling for which it has become known, the same dependable off-road performance, and the same fun driving experience.


No matter what model year you’re looking at, it’s easy to spot a Jeep Wrangler. One thing you are always going to see is the seven-slot grille, which has seven narrow, vertical openings. The grille is carved right out of the front fascia, which the slots being taken out of the body material, rather than a plastic or metal grille that’s popped into the fascia.

Another thing you’ll see on just about every Jeep Wrangler is a pair of round headlights. There won’t be any other lights in the same casing. You are going to see two, individual headlights, and the running lights will be separate. The only exception here will be in the first model run of the Jeep Wrangler, which introduced square headlights. These were quickly replaced, and the round headlights have remained.

Other exterior styling features you’ll notice about the Jeep Wrangler include the square frame, angled wheel wells, and an overall geometric design. Most Wranglers have the removable top and windshield, and many had low profile doors or doors that could be removed. The Wrangler has always been designed with off-roading in mind, and all the features are meant to make it easier for you to enjoy the wind in your hair and the thrill of the adventure.


Typically, the Jeep Wrangler has been a two-seater, but you can find used Wranglers that have a small second row of seats. The interior of the Wrangler is designed to let you roam through the back roads and get as messy as your adventure requires, without you having to worry about ruining your vehicle’s interior. The seats are easy to clean, and most models even have a stopper in the floor that you can remove to let water drain right out.

Every model year has slightly different features, but the Jeep Wrangler has always been designed with off-roading and adventure in mind. You will get features like rear seat belts or cloth seats in different model years or seat belts, but the Wrangler is consistent in its focus on functionality so you can have the freedom to do whatever you like in the vehicle.

Performance and Capacity

The Jeep Wrangler has never come with the most powerful engine, but it has always been designed for off-roading fun. Whatever model year you choose for the Wrangler, you’ll get plenty of horsepower and torque for a spirited driving experience, whether you are driving to work or you are ambling along back roads on the way to a camping trip or you are climbing up a rocky hillside to head to a climb.

The Wrangler is equipped with other features that make off-roading a bit easier, as well. Of course, all-wheel drive is offered as an option, or it comes standard. Larger tires with all-terrain tread, locking front and rear differentials, powerful brakes, and a strengthened suspension have all been introduced over the years.

Towing capacity depends on the model year and the trim level, but you can expect to get enough capacity in the Wrangler to take all your camping gear or sporting equipment for whatever adventure you are on. You aren’t going to use a Wrangler to haul heavy loads for work, but you can easily use it to pull a camper or a trailer full of gear for your next trip.

Finding the Perfect Used Jeep Wrangler

There’s a reason the Jeep Wrangler has been a beloved model for the last few decades. It’s a consistent performer with classic styling, and it has stayed true to its roots.

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