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Jeep Wrangler Trims and Packages

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has been around for decades, and over the years, the popular vehicle has evolved to offer a wide variety of trim levels and options packages. The Wrangler has been consistent in its rugged styling, its dependable performance, and its fun driving experience, but there has been great variety in its features as the years have passed.

When you shop for a previously owned Jeep Wrangler at Tim’s Truck Capital, you can choose from some of the best features that the vehicle has had to offer in recent years, and you can enjoy them at an exceptional price. Our friendly associates will help you find the perfect configuration based on your needs. Here’s a brief glimpse at what some of the trim levels and packages from recent years have had to offer for the Jeep Wrangler:


The Rubicon is often mistaken as its own Jeep model, but it is actually a trim level of the Jeep Wrangler. This popular trim level has a rugged spirit that makes it perfect for off-roading adventures (that and all the features designed for just that).

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is designed to handle the toughest terrain. It has a low gear range and a heavy-duty wide track axle for grappling rocky and muddy trails. Its protective undercarriage shielding keeps out mud, rocks, and other debris. Other specialty features include a locking front and rear differential, rock rails, tall fender flares, and a sway bar.

You’ll also find nice comfort features in the Rubicon, including leather-trimmed seats and satellite radio, depending on the model year you choose. There are also variations on the Rubicon trim, such as the Rubicon Hard Rock, that add even more features.


The Sport is one of the lower-level trims on the Jeep Wrangler, and it is designed with the everyday driver in mind. The Sport trim often focuses on the elements that most Jeep fans love the most, such as the two-door configuration with the soft top. (Though some configurations have four doors or a hard top.)

The Jeep Wrangler Sport is often pared down to focus on practicality. For example, there are often vinyl seats and washable interior materials so that the entire interior can be hosed down after outdoor adventuring. Some of the basic features you’ll usually find on the Jeep Wrangler Sport trim include hill-start assist, skid plates, and fog lights to handle off-road terrain, as well as a backup camera, touchscreen for the infotainment system, and high-quality speakers.

A Sport S trim is available on some Jeep Wranglers, and it adds a few more features, such as power locks and windows, keyless entry, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for easy streaming.

The Jeep Wrangler Sahara focuses a bit more on luxury features for those who want to enjoy finer comforts while also having the ability to get off the city streets and explore. The Sahara usually features some exterior refinements, such as heightened ground clearance, silver or chrome accents, and an exclusive color. It often has a more powerful engine than what’s included on the base trim for the Wrangler, and some common features include side steps and a larger brake pedal. Some interior features include dual zone automatic climate control, a larger touchscreen display, and smartphone integration.

High Altitude

The Jeep Wrangler has a reputation for rugged performance and durability, but it can also offer a bit of luxury and comfort. The High Altitude is one of the trim levels that aims to offer these things. It comes with larger wheels for a smoother ride and LED lighting for improved visibility. Four doors make it easy for all passengers to get in and out, and Nappa leather seats provide a comfortable ride, even when the terrain gets rocky. Accent stitching on the upholstery elevates the style.

Other features available on the High Altitude trim include a larger touchscreen display for the infotainment system, as well as a built-in navigation system. Blind-spot monitoring is also available to improve safety.

Willys Wheeler

The Willys was one of the earliest Jeep models (dating back decades), and fans have a special place in their heart for it. The Jeep Wrangler channels some of that spirit with the Willys Wheeler trim (and the Willys Wheeler W). This trim varies greatly in its offering, depending on the model year and the way it was configured. For example, the Power Convenience Group package was offered for the Willys Wheeler W, and it offers features to enhance the driving experience. Some of the standard features for the Willys Wheeler have included things like satellite radio and the UConnect system to stream music and take hands-free calls.

Freedom Edition

The Jeep Wrangler itself screams freedom in all the ways it allows you to get off the beaten path and have a driving experience unlike any other. But the Freedom Edition that was available for some model years underscores that point and offers a few extra features to boot. The Freedom Edition offers comforts like heated seats and cloth or leather upholstery, and it has enhanced style with silver interior accents and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter knob. Convenience features like voice commands also enhance the driving experience.

Finding the Perfect Jeep Wrangler for You

The Jeep Wrangler has been around for so long that many trims and option packages are available on it. By shopping for a previously owned model, you can choose from the very best of these models and packages, finding the perfect configuration to meet your needs and your budget. You also will save a lot of money over what you would have paid for the same model, though you will get many years of reliable service.

Visit Tim’s Truck Capital today to explore our selection of high quality Jeep Wrangler models and find the perfect model for you. Our friendly associates will help you explore the trim levels available, and you can take a test drive of your favorites. You can drive home with your next dream vehicle today!

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