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Jeep Wrangler vs. Jeep Wrangler Sport

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler is Jeep’s iconic model. The Wrangler is the evolution of the earliest Jeep models, when they were used by the military in the 1940s. When people talked about Jeep, they were talking about that early Willy’s model that then evolved into the Wrangler. Over time, the Wrangler developed a solid reputation for off-roading performance, ruggedness, and adventure. People chose Jeep because it was fun to drive and it could handle just about anything.

The Jeep has maintained its high quality and its reputation for adventure, and it remains one of the best vehicles to buy. When you are searching, you have a few options for the Wrangler, which can give you a different driving experience. Used models give you even more choices, allowing you to get the best of the best from the models in recent years while also saving a lot of money.

The Wrangler and Wrangler Sport are two of the most popular Jeep models, and you’ll find many great deals on used models. Depending on the year, the Wrangler Sport may have been the base model, or it may have been a special trim level. Here’s a look at how the Wrangler and the Wrangler Sport have compared generally over recent years:


Generally speaking, the Wrangler Sport is the model that is going to give you the better performance. It’s the model that is designed, specifically, with performance in mind. The Sport model usually has the more powerful engine (with higher horsepower and torque) so that you have the oomph to pull yourself out of mud or snow or to easily amble over rocky terrain. Sport models usually have other enhancements like specially designed shock and suspension systems, sturdier axles, and mechanics that give you greater control over the engine and braking.

With the base model (or non-Sport) Wrangler, you still get great performance, but the focus is more on your daily drive. The expectation is that you might take your Wrangler on a weekend trip, but that you are going to use it more for your regular commute. You’ll still have more fun driving the Wrangler than another SUV, but you won’t have the same power for the more challenging terrain.


The Jeep Wrangler isn’t the model that’s synonymous with comfort. The open doors and roof, along with the stripped down insides that are meant to be sprayed down after getting doused in mud, are designed more for practicality than for comfort. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get comfort in a Wrangler model; you just need to know which model to choose.

The Sport model is usually going to come with bucket seats in the front and maybe a small seat in the rear. The interior will be designed to spray down or to easily clean. You’ll get some convenience features like radio and power windows, but the focus will be on making it easier for you to enjoy your outdoor adventures.

With the base model or another trim level on the Wrangler, the focus shifts to comfort. You get cloth or leather upholstery, carpeted floors, and high-quality trim materials. You start getting materials like keyless entry and push-button start, higher-quality speaker systems, greater temperature control, and Bluetooth streaming. The higher up you go on the trim level, the more “luxury” features you will enjoy.


Jeep is made to be rugged. It is designed with off-roading and adventure in made, so it has a sturdy body and plenty of features under the hood that make it easier for you to control it even in the worst of circumstances. Therefore, it is a safer vehicle than many others on the market just by design.

However, the Wrangler also comes with additional safety features like airbags, stability and traction control, and a backup camera. With the Sport, you are going to get just the basics. The rest of the safety “features” are in the mechanical design and sturdy construction, which is made to withstand all kinds of crashes.

With the basic Wrangler, you can get other features. The higher up the trim level you go, you can get features like monitoring around the vehicle and emergency response systems. What you get depends on how high you want to go and how much you want to spend. The good thing about shopping for used Wranglers is that you can get more features without spending as much. That can open up room in your budget to get a more luxurious trim level with more of the safety and convenience features.


For the most part, the Wrangler and Wrangler Sport look very similar, no matter what year models you are considering. However, the Wrangler Sport is typically designed to have a bit more edge to it. The angles might be a bit sharper, and there might be more contrast among the accents, such as different colors for the accents than for the body. You’re also likely to get features like fog lights and tow hooks on the Wrangler Sport, which can contribute to a different overall aesthetic.

With the base Wrangler or a higher trim level, you’ll get a little more smoothing around the edges, but you won’t lose the fun styling for which the Wrangler is known. You might get more cohesiveness in the detailing, and there might be fewer exterior features, which contributes to a sleeker overall design. However, the Wrangler will still be undeniable in its profile.

Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to the Wrangler, there is no wrong choice. It really doesn’t matter what trim level you choose or what year you buy. You can confidently search for used Jeep Wranglers knowing that you will find a great model so long as you buy from a reputable dealership.

Visit us today to search our inventory of Jeep Wranglers to find the perfect model for you. Take a test drive to see how the Sport compares to the other Wrangler models and how much it can enhance your outdoor adventures!

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