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RAM 2500

RAM 2500

When it comes to heavy duty trucks, the RAM 2500 is one of the best. It has risen to the top thanks to its reputation for strength and exceptional performance year after year. This is a truck that you can use to carry heavy duty equipment while also easily reaching even the remotest or more treacherously positioned work sites. It is also a truck that you can depend on when going on outdoor adventures, from your local camping spot to the unexplored trails that you can discover around the country. You can do all that and still enjoy handsome styling and fun driving features.

Tim’s Truck Capital is proud to carry previously owned RAM 2500 trucks at affordable pricing so that you can get the very best truck at the configuration you need while also staying within your budget. We carefully vet our previously owned models to ensure that they are the highest quality before making them for sale on our lot. You can always trust that when you are buying a RAM 2500 from Tim’s Truck Capital, you are getting one of the best.

A Brief History of the RAM 2500

RAM trucks have been around a long time – the first RAM model was introduced in 1981. Initially, it was a light duty truck, and it was marketed as the Dodge Ram. Different names were used for these trucks, such as the Ram D100 and Ram 150. A second generation was introduced in 1994, and the third generation rolled out in 2002. The fourth and fifth generations are typically what you will find available on our lot now, though you can still find even older models of the truck on the secondary market that have plenty left to offer.

RAM 2500 LogoOver the years, the RAM has been refined in both style and mechanics, becoming more powerful and more capable. As a result, the RAM has only continued to rise in popularity, and it has garnered numerous accolades. Motor Trend magazine has named RAM its Truck of the Year eight times. The current generation RAM has won the award three times in a year – the first truck in history to have achieved that feat.

Fifth Generation: 2019-present

At Tim’s Truck Capital, we try to bring you the most recent models of previously owned vehicles so that you can get the most years of use – though the RAM 2500 is a truck that can hold up for decades, as many owners can attest. You are most likely to find models from the fifth and current generation of the RAM 2500 on our lot. With this generation, you’ll get the most the RAM 2500 has to offer, including the best styling, the most powerful engines, and the greatest number of drive features and convenience technology.

Exterior Styling

The RAM 2500 has style that reflects its overall power and strength. This is a truck that looks like it was made to do hard work – and it is. This generation features bold styling, like a large grille that serves as a centerpiece for the oncoming truck, flanked by large headlights and wrapped in chrome. The nameplate appears in large letters, and chrome detailing is used throughout. The truck has a high ground clearance, and a solid profile leading to a wide bed for plenty of cargo capacity.

Interior Styling

The interior of the latest generation of the RAM 2500 is much nicer than what you’d expect in any work truck. High-quality materials are used throughout the cabin, and the seats are contoured and comfortable. A large center console features a display screen, flanked by easy-to-reach controls.

Of course, the higher you go up the trim levels, the better quality the materials you will find, including leather upholstery. The perks also get nicer, such as heated and ventilated seats.

Power and Performance

The RAM 2500 is designed to deliver powerful performance. However, exact specs will depend upon the configuration you choose. Some of the engine options on models in the last few years include a gas V8 and a Cummins turbo-diesel inline six engine. These trucks had an output of more than 400 horsepower and could tow up to just over 15,000 pounds, with a payload of up to just over 4,000 pounds.

This generation of the RAM 2500 can handle just about anything you need.

Technology and Convenience Features

RAM InteriorWhile trucks designed for heavy duty work aren’t typically known for their technology or convenience features, the RAM 2500 is an exception. It has plenty to offer to make driving safe, fun, and convenient. Depending on the trim level and configuration, you can find features like the Uconnect multimedia system, dual-zone climate control, smartphone integration, and more. Driver assistance features include things like a backup camera, lane keep assist, blind spot warning, and tire pressure monitoring (including for trailering).

This generation of the RAM 2500 came in many trim levels, as well (as many as seven in some years), so buyers had plenty of options for getting just the features they wanted. By shopping for previously owned models, you get to choose from the very best that the RAM 2500 had to offer while also enjoying significant savings over what you would have paid for the same vehicle new.

Fourth Generation: 2009-2019

While we like to keep the most up-to-date models on our lot at Tim’s Truck Capital, the RAM 2500 is such a durable and dependable truck that you are likely to find models from all the way through the fourth generation (sometimes even from the third generation). These are trucks that were made to last, and you can confidently shop for some of the older models, knowing that they will continue to serve you for years to come.

The fourth generation of the RAM 2500 was a long one, and as such, it saw a lot of changes, including some style refreshes and the introduction of a lot of new features along the way.

Exterior Styling

Right away, you’ll notice the differences in this slightly older generation of the RAM 2500 by its exterior styling. While this is still a meaty truck, it’s not quite as muscular in its design. The profile is a bit more streamlined and straightforward, without a lot of flashy chrome or oversized details. But that doesn’t mean that this is a sedate style! It just prefers a subtler look, with carefully placed details throughout. Expect to see a lot of similar design choices on these trucks that you see on the most recent options, but on a slightly smaller scale.

Interior Styling

Similar to the exterior, the interior on the fourth generation of the RAM 2500 is slightly scaled back, but it is still stylish and appealing. The seating has a simpler design, though it is just as comfortable. You can still find luxury materials like leather and chrome on the higher trims. The center console is a bit more modest, with a slightly smaller display screen, but all the controls are within easy reach.

Power and Performance

Powerful engines have always been a mainstay for the RAM 2500. Expect to find V8 engine options for this generation of the truck, as well as diesel inline six engines. You’ll see similar output numbers as on the current generation, but with just a slight drop. Towing capacity and payload were also on similar terms, depending on the configuration. And as always with the RAM 2500, you could choose four-wheel drive and a variety of bed sizes.

Technology and Convenience Features

You’ll continue to see plenty of technology and convenience features in the RAM 2500 even when you go back to a slightly older generation. The fact is that the RAM 2500 has always been ahead of the curve with its technology and convenience offerings, providing much more than most work trucks do.

The farther back you go in the generation, the less likely you are to find some modern favorites like satellite radio or smartphone integration. However, you’ll find plenty of other features that make driving fun, and the truck has plenty more to offer to compensate for its lack of some bells or whistles.

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At Tim’s Truck Capital, we sell a large selection of the highest quality and most popular previously owned truck models, including numerous RAM 2500s from multiple years. Our friendly associates are ready to help you find the perfect RAM 2500 with the right configuration to meet all your needs. Visit us today to explore our selection and take a test drive of your favorite RAM 2500 to get a feel for what this powerful truck is like on the road.

We’ll also help you explore financing options to help you find the terms to make your new RAM 2500 affordable for your budget. And we have a service department to help keep your truck in great condition for many more years to come. Visit us today to check out our selection of RAM 2500s and find one you love.

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