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Toyota Tacoma vs. Toyota Tundra: What Fits You Best?

Toyota Tacoma vs. Toyota Tundra: What Fits You Best?

You’re looking for a new truck, but are unsure what to pick. Is the Toyota Tacoma or the Toyota Tundra a better fit for you? Each truck has their own set of strengths. And while you can’t go wrong with either, odds are that one will work for you even better than the other. So how do you know which truck to pick? What’s even the difference between the two?

Latest Improvements for Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra

Both the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra have been around for a few years. A strong point of their designs is that they have not really needed a big redesign, because their current design works great. That being said, there are differences between when they were last updated.

Toyota Tacoma Upgrades

The Tacoma has had more recent additions to its capabilities. In 2020, the Toyota Tacoma received a new interior screen for both information and entertainment. Toyota also added a new camera system to increase its safety. This is more recent than the Tundra, so if you want the latest tech, the Tacoma might be your pick.

Toyota Tundra Upgrades

The Tundra has stayed true to its roots. The last full redesign of the Toyota Tundra happened in 2007, so it has been a while. 2014 saw some updates, but Toyota has acknowledged that they have some new ideas for the Tundra in the works, slated for release within the next year or two. So if you are looking for an older, reliable design, the Tundra may appeal to you.

Under the Hood

If you are looking for a powerful truck that will get the job done, both the Tacoma and Tundra are solid choices. However, they do offer different specs when you pop the hood.

Toyota Tacoma Engine

You can choose your engine for the Toyota Tacoma. The basic option gives you a 2.7 liter four-cylinder engine. This will give your truck 159 horsepower with 180 lb-ft in the torque department. While this is plenty, some jobs require more. If you need more power, the Tacoma still has you covered with the option of upgrading to a V6 engine. This 3.5 L DOHC engine will give you additional horsepower and torque, leaving you with 278 hp and 265 lb-ft for whatever job you need done. Keep in mind that this is less than the Tundra.

Toyota Tundra Engine

The basic Toyota Tundra package includes a 4.6 L V8 engine that boasts 310 hp and 327 lb-ft torque, significantly more than the Tacoma. This can be upgraded as well into a 5.7 V8 with 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque, which puts the Tacoma to shame by comparison. If you are planning on hauling extra-heavy loads, the Tundra will come through for you!


Keeping your ride comfortable can be just as important as hauling capabilities. The Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra offer different interiors. Legroom and headroom is not much of a problem for either, but sometimes it is helpful to know the exact details. While neither truck has a lot of special interior design, they both off simple and durable interiors.

Toyota Tacoma Interior

The Toyota Tacoma comes with two cab options. You can choose between the Access Cab or Double Cab. While they both offer the same amount of legroom for front-seat passengers (42.9 inches), the rear-seat legroom differs between them. If you have a lot of rear-seat passengers, you may want to spring for the Double Cab, which has 32.6 inches of legroom, as opposed to the Access Cab’s legroom of 24.6 inches.

Toyota Tundra Interior

The Tundra also offers two different cab sizes; the CrewMax and Double Cab. Both of these have slightly less legroom in the front than the Tacoma. The CrewMax offers 42.3 inches of rear-seat legroom, while the Double Cab will give you 34.7 inches. The Tundra has a much roomier cab than the Tacoma.


If you are looking to keep your vehicle high-tech, it’s a great idea to look at your options before you buy. While both models have 7-8 inch infotainment screens, the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra’s tech vary from each other by quite a lot.

Toyota Tacoma Technology

As the newer vehicle of the two, the Tacoma has a leg up on the Tundra when it comes to recent tech. The Tacoma has the ability to include a 120-volt outlet in the bed of the truck, a power-sliding rear window, and other features like a wireless charging pad.

Toyota Tundra Technology

The Tundra does not have many extra tech add-ons, primarily due to its advanced age. The design has been working for all of these years, so it has not had many technological advancements integrated in the same way as Tacoma. However, some models come with more luxurious interiors, or a power roll-down rear window.


In conclusion, the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra are both solid vehicles for the worker. However, they do have enough differences that a buyer should carefully consider their options before deciding which model they need.

The Toyota Tacoma is newer and has more tech, but it has less interior space, and less hauling power. Therefore, it is recommended as a better everyday ride than the Tundra, which uses its stronger engine and simplicity to excel in hauling extra heavy loads.

The price difference between the two trucks is not extremely large, but it is still considerable. The Tacoma costs a little less in most cases. In addition, it has better gas mileage than the Tundra. But if you are looking for a truck just for the heaviest and toughest of jobs, a Tundra will provide you with the advantage. Take a look at the specific models being offered before making a decision.

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