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Get a Truck Fit for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Right Truck For Zombie Outbreak Response Members

Do you want to join the U.S. Zombie Outbreak Response Team and protect your neighbors from doom right here in the Epsom NH area? Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales is here to help.

As a Zombie Outbreak Response Team member, you want to be prepared for anything, whether it’s a person infected by a pandemic outbreak, a crazy nut job who wants to hurt your family, a financial economic collapse or even a polar cap shift. Tim’s Truck Capital has the ideal vehicle to stop the madness!

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

No other dealership has a better selection of preowned trucks that can handle a Zombie Apocalypse. At Tim’s Truck Capital, we have a great selection of big, beefy dually plow trucks, as well as pickups that are nimble for escape routes!

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Great! Fill out the form and let us know. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

Not sure which truck is the right one for you? You can also view our entire inventory of trucks online. Then fill out the form and let us know when you’d like to come in for a test drive.

If you’re ready to join the Zombie Outbreak Response Team, it’s time to check out Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales in Epsom NH. We have the right truck for the job!

Call today for more information on our Zombie Response Vehicles!

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Zombie Truck

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